CB Folding-T



Using this bracket helps eliminate red-eye and side shadows

Addition of a fold-up feature makes the CB Folding-T a must-have bracket. Pushing two buttons allows the bracket to be folded and easily stored in any camera bag. With a grip suited for both right and left-handed photographers, this bracket accommodates tall cameras, or those with add-on vertical grips / battery packs.

This bracket includes Anti-twist for both camera and flash. Flash arm rotates form a horizontal to vertical position utilizing internal spring-loaded proprietary components, helping keep flash arm to stay in position.

  • D-Clip style screws for both camera and flash
  • Battery compartment accessibility
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Warranty (See refund policy)

New Version does not have a cork base. The base has AntiTwist arms for better stability,  (reference CB Digital T base or CB Folding T Instructions)




Weight: 12 oz.
Dimensions (open position):  9-3/4” high, 8” wide, 1-7/8” deep
Dimensions (storage position):  9-3/4" high, 2-1/4" wide, 1-7/8" deep
Nominal lens-to-flash distance: 11”


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    Instructions PDF