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Having The Knowledge of What Works and the Experience to Build It.

The only wear-compensating bracket on the market today is the culmination of two-years of designing and prototyping, coupled with experience of over 20 years in Wedding Photography and over 35 years in Manufacturing. Patented in 1999, the rotation feature is the first of its kind which allows the camera to rotate from horizontal to vertical. Unique to our brackets alone, they do not need to be tightened, retightened, or adjusted to keep them working properly, as they are individually created using computer controlled precision. They are manufactured with aluminum for light-weight and anodized black for durability. Also built into the brackets are modern plastics and spring loaded parts, to prevent metal to metal contact and compensate for wear. From our new flash rotating bracket, the CB Junior, to our camera rotating brackets, these design features give our brackets that out-of-the-box feel every time, making them the choice for today's professional photographer. We are proud to design and manufacture the finest brackets in the world. Thank you for choosing our products made in the USA. 

Michael & Dee
Custom Brackets