GFM (Gimbal Flash Mount)


Adjustable flash mount with 6" extension. For all Gimbals with Arca-Swiss dove-tails.

  • Adjustable height to 18" above center of lens.
  • Mounts your flash three different ways. Straight above lens, 45 degree angle, or 90 degree angle.
  • Flash can mount on opposite side, allowing the flash to be off center
  • Comes apart easily for storage and transportation
  • Sets up in seconds using captive D-Clip style screws
  • The flash arm can be mounted on either front or back of the upright
  • Anti-twist plates makes it fully compatible with all flash cords without needing separate adapter plates
  • D-Clip style screw for flash or flash cord with flash anti-twist plates
  • Extender to raise flash up to 18" above lens
  • Black hard coat anodized aluminum
  • Warranty (See refund policy)

Weight: 8 oz. 
Dimensions (with extension bar): 13-1/4" high, 5" wide, 4-1/2" deep


    Flash Mounts

    These are optional and sold separately only by Custom Brackets




    GFM Instructions