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An offspring of the QRS-H2, the QRS-E2 utilizes all the same benefits and features with an extended upright for flashes using an infrared module attached to a camera's hot shoe.

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Bracket with camera - horizontal
Bracket with camera - horizontal

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  • Bracket with camera - vertical
    Bracket with camera - vertical
  • Bracket alone
    Bracket alone


Professional-looking design
Roller bearings allo for easy rotation from horizontal to vertical
Black anodized aluminum for strength and light weight
Maintenance-free; no lubrication required
Adjustable flash height with lockable tilt eliminates red-eye, vignetting, and side shadows
Adjustable hand for comfort
Stands upright using a swivel leg

Weight:  29 oz   (822 g)
Dimensions:  14-3/4” high, 9” wide, 6-1/4” deep
Metric Dimensions:  37.4 cm high, 22.8 cm wide, 15.9 cm deep
Nominal lens-to-flash distance:  12-1/2” - 14-1/2”   (31.7 - 36.8 cm)

Camera plate (CMP, QRM-C, or QRA-C)
Flash plate
Tripod mount (QR, CK-500, or CK-501)

US Patent # 8,774,618

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Quick Releases

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Arca-Swiss Style
Manfrotto RC2 Series

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Customer Reviews

Bracket QRS-E2 Review by Mike D
I do like my bracket. Just wish it would go a little higher and have more width adjustment for the flash.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Michael
I have one of the older brackets and I loved it, it was great! But the new one is much better !!! The new system uses roller bearings to rotate the camera, WOW!!! It works so Easy, Smooth, and Fast!!!And it never needs lubricating! The new CMP mounting plat solves the problem of the camera coming loose after a few hours, the camera is now so secure it will never come loose! The new flash mounting plate system is very easy and fast to adjust when needed. This bracket is very well made, it is light, durable. This is truly is an amazing piece of equipment!!! I recommend this bracket to anyone and everyone!!! The customer service I got from Custom Bracket was great. They walked me through every step of what I needed and called me to let me know when my order had been shipped.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Bob
"The Best. With the necessary use of wide angle lenses, vignetting will often occur when keeping the flash in the camera's hotshoe. We own 5. Heavy outdoor portrait and event use. Never a problem. We tapped a 1/4-20 in the base of ours- there are times when its best to mount directly to the tripod without the Quick Release.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Dee
"We've been using this bracket with different flash and camera plates for years. First with Fuji S3s and now with Fuji S5s.

We went with Custom Brackets when we went all digital and our old Stroboframes for our medium format cameras wouldn't work with the digital bodies. The Stroboframe camera flip brackets were getting harder and harder to find, so when we heard about Custom Brackets we made the switch.

I hate flash brackets where you have to flip the flash, and routinely joke my peers who go through all those extra gyrations just to shoot vertical.

We shoot 40-60 weddings a year and have 14 photographers on staff besides myself. Some of our photographers also use these brackets with Canon and Nikon cameras. I have had NO complaints and find them very durable.

The addition of no twist camera and flash plates was a very welcome change and has made my life much easier by not having to watch our newbie photographers shoot with a flash that's migrated off center.

I also love the feet which allow the cameras to be set down upright. With the old Stroboframes, we were constantly resetting camera settings that were getting changed every time we laid the cameras down. Plus lying the cameras on their backs put stress on the flash hot shoes.

My photographers do whine about the camera plate getting loose after a full day of flipping the camera, but it doesn't bother me and is easily fixed with the allen wrench that came with the bracket.

I recommend this bracket to all of my new photographers and my peers. Actually, I pretty much require my new photographers to use this bracket because I want them to appear efficient and professional while out on a job, and the QRS-E2 helps them do just that.

Oh, and as for Vlad who complained about the weight...quit being a weinie. I used to carry two Stroboframes with Mamiya 645s and Vivitar 283s on them which are way heavier...while wearing 3' HEELS. I'm a 5'2' female and weighed 110 at the time. Get a life dude."
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Glenn
i have been using this bracket for over a year. I have mounted a Nikon D2Xs with the adapter plate and am currently shooting a Nikon D300. Both cameras mounted secure. At present my D300 stays attached to the bracket. The bracket is not heavy but when you factor in the camera, flash, batteries, pocket wizard and cables the weight increases but that would be the same with any bracket. The only problem I have had in the past is the rotation. I shoot weddings every weekend and after about 6 months of using this bracket it started to bind. i tried WD 40, 3 and 1 oil, and graphite with limited success. I then used a lubricating grease and solved the problem. I would not use any other bracket. Great bracket and very well made.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Sam
I purchased my bracket about six months ago. I just love it. It is very durable and great. I have a D200 with the Speedlite SB800 flash, and I have not had any problems with it. I highly recommend the bracket. It is a little high on the pocket, but I think it is worth it in the long run.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by David
Excellent. I have 2 older versions and wouldn't use anything else. New version is rock solid. I use Nikon D2x and D200. Works perfectly with Quantum T5D-r and Nikon SB800. CMP mounting plate solves problems inherent in older bracket models. Heavy but worth it. VERY HAPPY.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Dale
I waited to respond until I used it for five months. It is outstanding. I've been in the business since the 1970's and there is no better bracket made. Once you add a D200w/battery grip, a SB-800 speedlight flash to it . . . yes it gets heavy. But, to don't hold it by the grip until you are shooting. Best bracket made . . . period!
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Greg
"The set-up is great, but it only gets a 2 because the rotation on my bracket is so tight that it causes my D200 with a battery grip to malfunction when I rotate the camera. This can be very unnerving during a shoot because it happens right when I need to get the shot. You never get a second chance capture certain fleeting moments in time. It is also embarrassing to have the person posing waiting on my camera to finish the malfunction cycle and come back to its senses.

I've oiled the rotation device with WD-40 as suggested in the manual, but it doesn't help it in the least. When I called customer service to get some assistance, I get an answering machine. It's almost as though Custom Brackets is a one person customer service operation."
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by JRP
"The introduction of advanced Speedlights technology, combined with flash diffusers, made many users think the need for a flash bracket was over –I included. The addition of a Custom Bracket proved to be superb for further elimination of shadows and even to light softening.
The added weight to the setup is more than compensated with outstanding results, achieved from the camera, without long hours of post processing.
There are several Custom Brackets models to suit your needs, try it. I have made myself the solemn promise to always use one for important events.
Have a great time"
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Scott Tidmore
I have an old bracket, and I just purchased the new QRS-E2. I thought my old one was great, the new one is even better. Very smooth, and I love the new camera bracket and flash mounting system. My rating is 4 because I could not get someone on the phone to assist in my purchase. I did fumble my way through the online ordering, but did receive a call before my order shipped to insure it was what I needed. The customer service in the past was excellent, as Custom Bracket's actually shipped me some replacement parts at no charge, and gave me instructions on the phone on how to install the parts. I'm not sure I'd get that now, but I can relate, as I'm sure Custom Brackets demand is growing. Overall, great product and good customer service. I would, and do, recommend this product to anyone who what's the best equipment to help get the most out of their cameras.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by rebecca
"The durability is amazing! I use it with Nikon D200 bodies with battery grips, SB-800 strobes and SB-29 cord. Very happy with it. Might get a bit heavy on those 10hr jobs but i needed the durability and it has it!

(Posted on 1/21/11)
price Review by david
But way is it so expensive ? with all my respect to the product. because after all it is just a pieces of metal.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Darren Scala
The unit is rock-solid, precision machined and light. Pick it up and rotate it and you can tell it's made in the USA immediately. I use it with Nikon D200 bodies with battery grips, SB-800 strobes and SB-29 cord. Very happy with it.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Custom Brackets Review by hargis
I agree they are well made. But still not enough room for my camera with a power grip/or Turbo Z/Qflash. It is too tight to rotate. And it gets a little heavy.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Joseph Papa
This bracket is flat-out amazing. Smooth as silk, very rigid and made far better than every bracket I have ever used. Makes all others seem like toys. You will not be sorry. No play in the rotation, very precision. Can't say enough. Aircraft quality.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
QRS-E2 Review by Don
I have been a photographer for over 40 years and this is one of the best camera flash plateforms I have ever used. I also bought the CB Digital T for my back up camera. Excellant machine work on these brackets.
(Posted on 1/21/11)

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