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Digital PRO-M Kit

Includes CMP, FCN, QR

The Digital PRO-M is the pinnacle of Custom Brackets distinguished excellence. This bracket combines years of refined precision with all the features and benefits available.

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Bracket with camera - horizontal
Bracket with camera - horizontal

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  • Bracket with camera - vertical
    Bracket with camera - vertical
  • Bracket alone
    Bracket alone


Kit is compatible for setups using Canon / Nikon flash cords

Professional-looking design
Roller bearings allow for easy rotation from horizontal to vertical
Black anodized aluminum for strength and light weight
Maintenance-free; no lubrication required
Eliminates red-eye, vignetting, and side shadows
Comfortable foam grip and palm grip
Fits in camera bags using fold-in legs and retractable upright


Weight:  22 oz   (624 g)
Dimensions (storage position):  7-7/8” high, 10” wide, 2-3/8” deep
Metric Dimensions:  22.5 cm high, 25.4 cm wide, 6.0 cm deep
Nominal lens-to-flash distance:  11” (27.9 cm)

US Patent # 8,774,618

What's in the Box

Quick Releases

Quick Releases

Custom Brackets Style

Flash Plates

Flash Plates



Spare Parts

Spare Parts


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Customer Reviews

One major fault! Review by deJetleyMarks
Great bracket apart from two things - one it's a bit heavy and two (and this is important) the screw that is used to tighten up the camera body against the bracket is bigger than the plat that it sits on. Consequently, when using a pro-camera (such as D3 or D4) the screw badly scratched the camera body. This would be such a simple thing to fix, but it really puts by off using the bracket! (Posted on 2/4/13)
Awesome Review by Donald
This is an awesome device! (Posted on 8/7/11)
AWESOME! But... Review by vince
I have the Digital Pro-M with FCN and QRM-C kit for my Canon 5D mkII

The bracket is really awesome. It is made of solid, durable, quality materials, etc. I really can't praise it enough so far, so this is not meant to be a negative review. However I do have a few gripes so far:

1) It is expensive - even with the good quality and great product, it is still a bit overpriced in my opinion; at least you get a solid product for the price though. I could see it being, say, $75 or $100 less, but I am not depressed over it since the quality is top notch.
2) The arced bar that enables the swivel gets in the way of the zoom ring on my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens when I have it attached. As such it is difficult to handle/maneuver when trying to zoom in and out. Makes me wish I had a third hand, but I suppose I can manage without.
3) The little kickstand bars could be shorter, or perhaps retractable, so they fold and tuck away without getting in the way of the tripod quick release - not a big deal at all though. it kind-of stands nicely even without he kickstand bars as well, which is reassuring.
4) the back of the quick release mount, where the camera actually fits into the apparatus, has a screw that digs into my chest a little when I have everything dangling around my chest on the camera strap (which at this point I still want to keep attached to the camera in case I slip or lose a handle on the bracket). Maybe a little cushion could go over it, or a different quick release mechanism would be better to avoid that, but the apparatus is well balanced and doesn't feel awkward or off kilter.

Otherwise it is top quality, very sturdy and really awesome: 4 stars out of 5. I took a few vertical test shots with the flash and NO SIDE SHADOWS! That was the primary reason I purchased the item. And the bracket gives a much nicer lighting effect in general -- really awesome. I am very happy with the purchase. (Posted on 6/28/11)
Works great and looks good. Review by images0rla
I had the CB Junior. which I liked, but saw other photographers with rotating brackets. I could not find one that gave me a get feel. But know I know why I paid 390. I got what I paid for and I'm happy with the Digital PRO-M Kit.. This is a professional bracket that goes with my professional camera and lens. Works great and looks good. (Posted on 4/11/11)
Digital Pro-M Kit Review by Ken
"Have been using the old version of Pro-M kit for couple years. It's a wonderful piece of equipment, and is worth every penny.

There are couple complaints though:

1) When I have the kit mounted on the tripod and with the camera rotated vertically, the camera is just not stable enough for long exposures. Instead, I bought a L bracket for mounting the camera on tripod for long exposures.

2) I recently purchased the palm grip for my old version of the Pro-M kit. When I had the palm grip installed, the camera becomes to tight to rotate. I ended up removing the palm grip. It's a shame because the palm grip makes it more comfortable to hold.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
ProM kit Review by Greg
I used the PRO-M Kit for the entire 2008 wedding season. I'm now buying a second one for my son. I also have a Stroboframe Pro RL, there is no comparison, the CB is superior in every aspect.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Digital Pro-M Kit Review by Andy
"High-quality bracket with a marvelously smooth camera-rotation mechanism. Kind of heavy, however, especially when you add the needed accessories. I would have preferred the lighter Pro-E Kit, but it doesn't have legs to stand by itself and it doesn't come with a tripod quick release included in the kit. I also wish one had the option of flipping the flash receiver arm to the left of the grip instead of the flash always being centered over the lens.

It doesn't say so anywhere on the web site, but my Sony/Minolta off-camera shoe fits perfectly well on the FCN flash plate using the included Canon plastic piece. However, the CMP camera plate barely fits my Sony A700 and blocks access to its depth-of-field preview button. The CMP would fit the camera better if the distance between the two anti-twist posts were reduced by about 1/4-3/8 of an inch.

The QR-C camera release kit certainly makes it easier to install the CMP on the camera. It's priced ridiculously high, however, and ought to be included as part of the Pro-M Kit. Even better than the QR-C kit would be a quick release kit for separating the camera from the CMP."
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Digital Pro-M Kit Review Review by Lorenzo
"Perfect! I've used other brackets and they Just didn't feel Rite. While others were heavy and cumbersome, the Pro-M kit is light, sturdy (doesn't flex), and feature a far superior rotating camera mechanism (smoother, not flexible but rigid and snappier). It folds up rather neatly too!

The only other real feature I'd like to see implemented is a flash quick-release. Other than that, the bracket is perfect.

The instructions are clear (although one could easily figure out how to set it up without them) and the included catalog makes for informative reading.

It's now time to start looking at accessories."
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Pro-M kit Review by Scott
"I love the kit- the bracket and the quality of the construction. Take a bit to figure it all out if you get all the bells and whistles but well worth the time. The only complaint I have is that it is a bit heavey once you get a camera with motor drive and a lens on it. I am telling you I would have paid another $150.00 or so on top of the already pricey (but again well worth it- price tag to have it in carbon fiber. If there was a way to make it as durable and strong and make it lighter- I am positive professional photographers who carry around the thing all day or for extended amounts of time will pay even more for a lighter version. Not sureif possible but other than that it is top notch- best I have ever used.
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Pro-M kit Review by Jim
"This is the 4th different flash bracket I have used.
The closest to it is the Pro-RL.
The rotation device on this bracket is the most superior I have seen. It is solid and well thought out.
The kit includes everything you need to get up and running.
Try it, you'll love it!"
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Digital Pro M Kit Review Review by Jeff
"I have been a hobbiest, advanced amature for over 40 years. I was not aware of Custom Brackets until I read comments about the CB Junior on a popular web forum. As I investigated the company and it's products I made the decision to purchase a Digital Pro M Kit.

I received the 'Kit' which included everything I needed to mount my D300 and grip on the bracket. It comes with the plate that holds the camera, a quick release plate for your tripod and a anti twist plate for my off camera flash cord.

When I opened the box I said 'Wow' I was not prepaired for the level of quality. The machining was superb and the anodizing was excellent! This bracket has the look and quality of very high quality manufacturing, as would be expected with products made in the USA. I mounted the camera on th bracket with the help of the excellent instructions. The fit was perfect. I was not ready for the feel of this bracket. First, the camera rolls with such precision I just sat there and rotated the camera back and forth, I was like a little kid. Second the grip feel and balance is just perfect. My previous bracket was a Stroframe RL, there is no compairison. The CB Pro M is in a class of its own. And with ths grip handle on the left side I can hold the camera and shutter release with my right hand. Very practical and comfortable. Even when athe camera is in the vertical position I can use the grip shutter release with ease! (Important when shooting a 4 hour event.) Also the little palm grip is a joy. This is one of those products that you initially pay a little extra for but use it for a lifetime.

This will not be the last CB product for me. I am sold! You will be too! Thanks Custom Brackets."
(Posted on 1/21/11)
Digital PRO-M Kit Review by Ray
"I got my kit about 2 weeks ago and used at a social event the last weekend.

The bracket is solid and well made. I like the legs that stand the camera up when not in use. I've had problems with laying my camera down in the past.

The layout is well thought out for the professional photographer. It easily flips vertically and is exactly what I was looking for.

I would recommend this kit to anyone doing event photography.

My only complaint (and not a large one) is that there should be a bit more room between the vertical handle and the camera for the Nikon SC-29 (or other off camera attachments).

(Posted on 1/21/11)
PRO M Review by javad
pro m is the best brackets ever :)
(Posted on 1/21/11)

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