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CB Folding-T

1/4" - 20 Mount

Addition of a fold-up feature to the very popular CB Digital-T makes the CB Folding-T a must-have bracket. Pushing two buttons allows the bracket to be folded and easily stored in any camera bag. With a grip suited for both right and left-handed photographers, this bracket accommodates tall cameras, or those with add-on vertical grips / battery packs.

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Bracket with camera - horizontal
Bracket with camera - horizontal

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  • Bracket with camera - vertical
    Bracket with camera - vertical
  • Bracket alone
    Bracket alone
  • Bracket alone - folded
    Bracket alone - folded


Professional-looking design
Folds up into compact size for storage
Spring-loaded tension makes it easy to rotate from horizontal to vertical
Black anodized aluminum for strength and light weight
Maintenance-free; no lubrication required
Comfortable foam grip
Reversible hand grip for preference

Weight:  12 oz   (340 g)
Dimensions (open position):  9-3/4” high, 8” wide, 1-7/8” deep
Metric Dimensions: 24.8 cm high, 20.3 cm wide, 4.7 cm deep
Dimensions (storage position):  9-3/4" high, 2-1/4" wide, 1-7/8" deep
Metric Dimensions:  24.8 cm high, 5.7 cm wide, 4.7 deep
Nominal lens-to-flash distance:  11”   (27.9 cm)

Camera mounting screw
Screw for flash or flash cord with flash anti-twist plates
1/4” x 20 tripod mount

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Customer Reviews

Quality at a good price Review by Hooplahpro
This is a professional quality product. It mounts the flash high to reduce red eye and keeps a rectangular flash parallel to the camera frame when rotating for a vertical shot.

Using the CB Folding-T on the right with Canon 5D III and 600EX-RT flash, I found it to be in the way of the secondary controls on the accessory Battery Grip per rotating the camera to the left. Thus your hand has to go around the baseplate to access them. Not really a problem if you have large hands but petite will have issues.

Mounting the bracket on the left side resolves the control issue, but defeats rotating the flash as it is now underneath the camera if you still rotate to the left as designed. Note that this issue was resolved with the release of their RF-Pro Rapid Fire bracket.

Still the CB Folding T is also a rock solid platform for video per mounting a 7in LED fill light and a Rode Pro mic on the top bar. Custom Brackets makes rock solid gear that will outlast the camera gear you put on them. When not on the camera the Folding-T would make a good defense weapon!

(Posted on 3/30/13)
This is what you've been looking for Review by A Swede in Japan
Really - no need to look any further. The Folding-T bracket is well designed AND well built. It's solid, can take some abuse and holds your camera and flash in place perfectly. At the same time it's very light and due to the folding construction it fits in any normal size camera bag! If you're looking for a flash bracket of good quality at a reasonable price this is it. (Posted on 6/3/12)
A real winner! Review by Ronald
When I began my Photography business I knew that I would need a flash bracket to prevent red eye. There are many low priced folding brackets on the market and I looked at them all. What I found was that though there are many out there they are not all equal. Non fold as compactly as the CB Folding-T does. Also there are few that exhibit the machining par-excellence of Custom Brackets. Not only does the CB Folding-T function as Professional Flash bracket should but esthetically it is the best on the market, in my view. What more could you ask for Fold-ability, Functionality, and, beauty. A real winner! (Posted on 2/24/11)
Great product Review by Garrett
Been looking for a flash bracket for a long time, this fits the bill and exceeded my expectations. Thanks CB for a quality product and a fair price.
(Posted on 1/21/11)

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