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CB Gimbal

A gimbal designed the way it should be. The CB Gimbal utilizes precision roller bearings for the easiest pan and tilt, making it the perfect companion for any telephoto lens. Innovative modular components allow for easy disassembly and maximum portability. It is a must-have for any photographer seeking the best gimbal available.

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CB Gimbal
CB Gimbal

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The capacity to handle all telephoto lenses
Precision roller bearings allow for easy pan and tilt
Easy to disassemble for compact packing and travel
Black ‘hard anodized’ aluminum for strength, scratch resistance, and light weight
Maintenance-free; no lubrication needed
Modular system allows the use of a stand alone gimbal or ability to turn any Arca-Swiss style ball head into a gimbal
All assembly knobs are aluminum and captive to prevent loss and breakage
Separate soft rubber-coated lock and drag knobs allow for greater comfort and more controlled pan and tilt
A setup / travel lever for the safest way to balance your lenses, change cameras, and travel
Built-in bubble level for more accurate panning while tracking objects
Base with degree markings for panoramic images
Laser-engraved reference lines for quick setup

Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1502 g)
Dimensions: 9-3/4” high, 8-1/2” wide, 3-7/8” deep
Metric Dimensions: 24.7 cm high, 21.6 cm wide, 9.8 cm deep

3/8” x 16 tripod mount

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic in every way! Review by Dorian
I have been looking for a gimbal for a couple of months since getting my Canon 300mm f/2.8 L IS II, sometimes to use when its naked but mostly with a 2xTC.

Unlike a lot of others my experience with gimbal heads is fairly minimal; the only one i have used prior to this is the Dietman Nill head (also very good).

So i think i shall say what i like about this product.
I love the modular system, i often just split it up and put it in my camera bag, the whole setup is easily assembled in under a minute.

The build quality is fantastic, the captive knobs are all beautifully machined and have a fantastic feel.
The whole product is just superbly made.

Im not sure if many other gimbals offer pan and tilt drag knobs, but IMO this is an absolutely fantastic feature of this product. (Posted on 8/26/12)
Great build quality Review by Steve
This is my first gimbal and I bought it to accommodate the Canon 400mm 2.8. Adjusts easily to handle the lens with perfect balance, and with the markings on both the Arca style clamp and the GLM 5.5, simple to dial in the balance point when I add an extender or switch to another lens. Movement is smooth in all directions, I'm very pleased with my purchase. (Posted on 2/27/12)
I Love it Review by Sinan Akdeniz
I really love this, first i thought that i paid lots of money BUT worth every each penny. I am wild life photographer and need fast movement with some animals with CB GIMBAL I am the fast one not animal. Thanks creator.

If you are wild life and using 500, 600 or 800 buy this you won't regret. (Posted on 10/25/11)
Precision Review by mpbphoto
I purchased the CB Gimbal after meeting the company owner out on the field. He was using the head with a Canon 800mm lens and camera. The head controlled the lens/camera combo like it was light as a feather. I now wouldn't trust my big equipment to a anything else. (Posted on 7/7/11)
Fine piece of machinery Review by Morrell
My first Gimbal after years of bird photography. Bought it based on customer reviews and specs. Full ball bearings construction claimed, lots of adjustments, index markings, and the setup knob is a real plus. Not to mention the easy dismantling ability for compactness. Two niggling perhaps minor design flaws though: the mounting hole to accommodate the longish screw on my tripod is a tad too shallow so I had to insert a thin large metal washer in between the head and the tripod; and why wasn't the azimuthal axis aligned with the tripod mountig screw? Perhaps a potential misalignment problem for panoramic shooting. Should take off 1/2 star for this.

All in all a precision instrument. Although any kind of tripod will be limiting against full freedom of motion for shooting birds in flight, if the lens is too heavy to manage freehand style, the CB Gimbal is about as good as it gets to balance the lens 'weightlessly'

Customer service was excellent - honoring a coupon that I neglected to include during the initial purchasing stage after I received the unit.

You won't be disappointed with the CB Gimbal. (Posted on 7/4/11)
The CB Gimbal is easy to set up and makes shooting with the 500L effortless. Review by Coastal Jim
I avoided getting a gimbal head for several years but finally gave in and I'm so glad I did----In flight shots are so much easier, and I get many more keepers. The CB Gimbal is easy to set up and makes shooting with the 500L effortless. Some reviews criticize this Gimbal for having too many adjustment knobs, but after a very short time learning to use it, I found it very simple to use. it breaks down and is easy to pack when hiking. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone wanting a quality Gimbal head. (Posted on 4/11/11)
CB gimbal Review by Shawn
Love it prefer it to my older Whimberly. Its easier to fine tune and I think its better construction
(Posted on 1/21/11)

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